Learn the Secrets for Building a Wildly Successful Heart-Based Business and Attracting Incredible Relationships Filled With Real Love and Connection!

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Join 20+ era defining experts in love and business as they reveal the new rules to earning more money, working fewer hours, and cultivating a better business and personal relationships filled with love, trust and mutual successes.:



I’m Dallas Michael Cyr, founder of Passion Warrior, creator of the Ultimate Love Summit and a 10+ year veteran of the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Early in my professional life, I came to realize that entrepreneurs and high-level executives can usually be grouped into a few buckets:

1)     Nice people with quality relationships who just can’t figure out how to build a sustainable business and make the money and impact they desire, OR

2)    those who have amazing businesses that are scaling fast and doing big things but their relationships suffer. They are lonely and lack a real connection in their personal life.  

In response to this simple observation, I set out on a mission to meet and connect with entrepreneurial unicorns who blurred these lines. I couldn’t accept that business professionals have to choose one path or the other. I needed to learn from men and women who figured out the new rules of personal and professional success.

Over the last several years, I met with dozens of inspirational entrepreneurial visionaries who were eager to share their secrets to thriving in business, making a true impact on the world, and having a life filled with beautiful relationships and deep connections. These new secrets, rules and rituals completely disrupted my thinking, they elevated my life and work, they reinvented my mindset and set me on a blissful path to professional and personal success.

Fast forward to today . . .

The Ultimate Love Summit is my response to this common plight of the entrepreneur: Work vs Love. It is an event which brings evolutionary and revolutionary experts, leaders, and mentors together in one place to help their fellow professionals work, live and love on a whole new level.

"The Ultimate Love Summit came at the perfect time for me. I'm in the process of scaling a company while simultaneously deepening a connection with myself and wanting to bring in an epic partner. However, I always used the excuse of 'you just don't get it' from people who aren't in the same career path of me. I loved hearing raw and authentic dialogues during these interviews of people excelling in multiple facets of life. It felt like my tribe was speaking to me."

Andrew Gottlieb
Founder & CEO No Typical Moments and Best Selling Author of The Two-Week Notice

"Thank YOU for creating the event and sharing it with us. You are such a joy to watch, and I love your interview style, insights, and gems. Usually I’m not a fan of summits, and quit after watching the first day, but this one gets better and better! Can't thank you enough, love you!"

Shivani Singh
CEO and head visionary Dharma Express

Let me be clear is NOT your typical event, this is a whole NEW conversation!

John Mackey the founder of Whole Foods was quoted as saying, "love is not weak love is strong."

And I agree... LOVE is STRONG!

Love has the power to help us discover our purpose and the deeper meaning in our work.
Love has the power to build a tribe of raving fans that can't stop talking about your business.
Love has the power to unearth an unshakeable confidence within ourselves.
Love has the power to heal us and empower us so we may attract our ideal relationship.


If you're an entrepreneur who:

  • Struggling to get clients but really wants raving fans. A tribe and audience that truly values you and your work and who keep coming back time and again for your products or service
  • Is frustrated with a lack of real, meaningful and deep connection in your life.
  • Is ready to call in your soulmate or your twin flame relationship
  • Recognizes the world has changed and our definitions and expressions of love are limited and not enough and so we need a new expansive definition for the new world
  • Feels unfulfilled by your current impact and you dream of sharing your gifts with so many people
  • Wants to build a team that works like a well oiled machine, communicates effectively and loves you and the work they’re doing

If you're that entrepreneur who wants it all, then get The ULTIMATE LOVE Summit TODAY!

You will discover …

  • Learn the secrets of how to call in the perfect partnership in both your business and romantic life.
  • How to cultivate more confidence and self love in your life making you a powerful magnet attracting the best people.
  • Get the tools to build a powerful brand that your ideal client can't say no to!
  • Learn a new form of power, authenticity and vulnerability and how to apply it in leadership and building your team.
  • And be part of the movement that is creating a new more expansive version of love that is awakening and healing our planet!
  • Make more money and a bigger difference than you ever thought possible!

"I just wanted to share with you that I am so blessed to have somehow come upon your summit! You are one super inspiring man! I honor and appreciate the work you are doing! You are like a shining bright light bulb filled with pure love!

Natie Kwait

“I’m super happy you put this together. Really enjoying it!"

Alexandra DeSousa
Professional Confidant and Idea Maximizer

Inside you get immediate access to:

  • 20 full length expert interviews - That’s more than 15 hours of business elevating and heart expanding content offering practical, action based, results driven wisdom, which you can apply immediately to your work and life!
  • Downloadable audio version of each interview to listen on the go, wherever and whenever!
  • ALL gifts & bonuses from our experts in one place, some of which are exclusive to The ULTIMATE LOVE Summit!

This is more value and content than you would normally receive from an entire week long event except you don’t need to travel anywhere to get it all! And rather than pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a workshop (not including airfare, time off work, etc…) you’ll pay a whole lot less and get to own the entire Summit and everything included with it, forever.

Normally something like this might cost $995.00 or at least $495.00! Many of our speakers charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars for their time yet, you get access to 25 experts, 20 interviews, over 15 hours of learning AND, 15 Bonuses… NOT for $995. or $496 but for ONLY 2 EASY Payments of just $97!

Meet The Experts:

“If for any reason you are not completely satisfied and blown away
by these powerful and transformational leaders in love and business, send us an email within 30 Days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked”


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